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i feel like i hate the world since i was diagnosed with endo?

stupid question but why!? its effecting me badly i feel like i hate the world i feel depressed about it, i used to be a bubbley fun person and now i just have so much hate in me and anger and im scared what if i never have kids in the future im only 20 soon to be 21 and i have stage 4 endo

is it just me or has anyone else felt like this?

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oh and i have put on loads of weight since the laproscopy! so that makes me mad to (sorry to be a nag)


Hi hun. Im not going to sit and say i know how you feel as I havent had my first scan yet. However, I am 22 and im scared incase i never have kids also. Read some blogs on here, people with this have still been able to have kids. I am here if you want to talk about this.

Rach xx



I know how you feel I am 20 but I am 21 in just under a month I have been told I may never have my own children and that I may be in pain for the rest of my life.

If you need to talk I am here for you,

Kind regards



I think anyone with endo has felt like that at some point. Know its hard. As for kids there loads of women out there who go on living their whole life with severe endo without knowing it and have kids. Sounds silly I didn't believe it when my nurse told me. Apparently she was told she had it when she due for her first scan for her baby. There are so many different treatments you can try.


i am exactly the same feels the world is ended with me since i been diagnosed... two year and at first it was different then it suddenly hit me...


Yes i agree tinker , it didn't hit me when i was being told by the gp or when i was reading up what endometrosis was because i never heard of it, it didn't hit me until i had the op (laproscopy) then it hit me about a week later.

I do understand what your saying tanya that there is some chance people with endo can have kids but right now i just feel like i won't i feel like i can feel it telling me haunting me but maybe that is just in my head because im scared.

i have noticed that many girls get days of with endo where they go through good patches and bad patches where there pains feel slighty better somedays i never feel no better its a everyday thing of feeling like im useless but what can we do..its just hard knowing could be like this all my life, i feel like the girl i used to be has gone and been replaced maybe things will get better for me in the future and il learn to deal with the pain better and everything and find better ways to help the endometrosis.

I wish all you girls luck and if you ever need a friend or someone to talk to

im here : )


Hi my names Gill and I'm a moderator for Endometriosis UK. I have out lots of weight on too but I've managed to lose a stone without trying since I went on Zoladex and went back to work.

I know how you feel. I first got ill when I was 11 and it took 10 years for me to be diagnosed. I felt so alone and when I finally did get a diagnosis I was so angry at everyone and I felt like I was being punished. But the Endometriosis UK website really helped me. They gave me information and even just listened to me on the Endometriosis phone service. Also I went to one of the groups in my city and that really helped, that helped me realise it wasn't just me and that all these woman just want to support each other.

Hope this helps :)

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I feel exactly the same! After surgery nothing has been the same. I am pissed off to no end and want to scream! Nobody around us knows or understands how we feel. Its very lonely. At this point I'm trying to take my days minute by minute


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