Some success following a written (albeit informal) complaint!

Some success following a written (albeit informal) complaint!

So, I wrote a blog nearly two weeks ago regarding the difficulties I was having getting my GP to transfer my treatment/care to a specialist Endo clinic after feeling like my current care provider was failing to see me holistically. 3 times since October I have made an appointment to see a GP (a diff one each time), each saying I needed permission of a senior partner, approval from the PCT and a written case supporting who, where and why. I was at a low point, had enough of fighting the system. But I am a PhD student doing research in healthcare quality and safety and I realised I had to keep fighting, for myself and for those less aware of the NHS constitution, our rights as patients and what we can expect. So I got in touch with my PALS, they advised me to write a letter (not a case) simply stating that I had requested a transfer 3 times, that I felt my current care inadequate and that I wanted specialist care for my disease at so and so centre. They also advised me to add that I had spoken with PALS who advised that if my request was not responded two in reasonable time, a formal independent complaint would be made. I received a response in 8.5 working hours of their intent to refer me to my chosen institution (to assist them I included the link on the institutes website for referral) and reminded them of my NHS constitutional right to have treatment anywhere in the country!!

So today I feel vindicated: I didn't need to write a complicated case with evidence to support my choice as I was advised. I just needed to threaten them with a formal complaint.

What a terrible system we work in, but if this is how they insist on operating then ladies, get writing and obtain the care you are entitled to!!!!!

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That's terrible! It's stressful enough having the the disease without having to worry about the healthcare we need.

I admire you in your persistence.

Go You!!! I wrote a letter too, to the head Gynae about a Registrar I saw. Non confrontational and asking for his "professional" opinion on a few things I felt (or rather I knew) was misinformed about at my very first appointment. That Registrar then concluded the appointment by giving me yet more medication and to come back in April (this was December). My letter actually resulted in being put on the waiting list for a Lap which I then had on the 27th Feb, where I was diagnosed with Endo on both Ovaries.

Push, push, push, ladies, write letters, make phone calls, don't be fobbed off!! x

Well done !!

Yes we have to really be our own advocates with this disease. No doubts about that. The medical profession for the most part, do not know or care enough about endo and cannot comprehend the daily impact this disease has on so many women.

wow go you! well done! That is fab!

Thanks ladies, all your supportive comments help drive me forward in pursuit of better care


I too had a similar experience with my now ex GP practice. They refused to refer me to hospital for tests so I went private for lap (not that I could afford it). When the results came through I went back to GP for referral on NHS to only be accused by her of trying to queue jump and she would not send me to the specialist I requested. After lots of complaining including formal letters and local resolution meeting with practice manager my case was finally referred. Needless to say I am not with that practice now! It's such a shame we have to fight this hard on top of everything else. Well done for doing it though, the more that do hopefully will eventually help others x

Blooming heck! I thought you I had been having a time of it. How funny they accuse you of qyeye jumping when in reality you have relieved the NHS of the cost of your procedure which saved them £1000s and now you weren't asking to be seen any quicker than anyone post diagnosis. ARGHHHHH SO ANNOYING!!!!! Well done though!

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