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changing hospitals

Hi THere in a right muddle

.Im on long term zoladex because it has worked so well in the past

been on it 6 months and recently have started to experience horrific pain but no bleeding terrible lower back pain.had countless urine infections past few months and what I think is bowel pain problems going to toilet then too much!!the bowel problems are not new suffered for years with they but seem to be worse at present I know i have a nodule or two on my bowel but i was told Zoladex would suspend the endo so what could be happening.Ive been discharged from Oxford but Gp said he would like to referr me back.Has any one had experience of this.???

I am eventually moving to cornwall i here there is an Endo centre there have people had good experiences there???

Hope people are having a good day .



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I had thought you shouldn't really be on zoladex for anything longer than 6 months?

That's what I was told so maybe check that?



Hi Claire - a 6 month treatment programme is recommended generally, but if you're responding well to it and your body isn't suffering in any other way, i.e. bone density problems, you can stay on it pretty much as long as your doctor is happy to let you do so. There are ladies on here who have been on it for a couple of years non stop :)


Hi B

It's possible that you're starting to tolerate the Zoladex and your body is 'breaking back through'. This is a pain in the backside (quite literally!) because it probably means you need to have a break from the Zolly. Once you've had a decent break to let you body adjust then they can put you back on it.

Good luck

C x


Hi C

THanks for your reply i was afraid this would be the answer .So disappointed as I had my life back for a few months this bl.......dy disease !will see Dr next week see iwhat he says thanks again



hi c i have been on them kind of injection for around 3 to 4 years and am telling you they are good to stop the endo growing but and thats a big but the side affects from the treatment is bad i have had bad lower pain in my back badly and they said it was muslie pain i wanted a cat scan to find i have o/authritis be very carefull as i think i got this through all that treatment that your on but cant pro it be carefull as i regret taking it aways look at the side affects


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