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Bad Bad Day

Don't know whats wrong with me lately. I am feeling so low and down in the dumps. Think I have spent most of today in tears or getting really frustrated over silly little things.I haven't been this bad since I was pregnant with both of my children (and I def am not pregnant this time!)

It's resulted in me and hubby having a massive row and me near enough having a breakdown right in front of him! He's gone out now (more than likely to escape me).'ve calmed down now, still feel so low but completely drained as well.

Doesn't help my little boy was up most of the night and my stomach and pelvis are hurting. Tonight my back has started. I also have an appointment for the first time with my gynaechologist. and I think i'm getting worried over that as I know the next stage is laparoscopy.

Just a bit fed up tonight :( Sorry for the rant.

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Hi, its understandable that your stressed by everything, and the lack of sleep won't be helping. When I'm suffering with pains I find silly things can irratate me so much more than normal. If you have your first appointment to discuss a lap then I'm guessing you've had lots of tests with no answers yet, I know that was me a few months ago and the not knowing what was going on was mentally draining and the pain was physically draining that I just felt exhausted all the time. Unfortunately its those closest that can get a blast of our emotions and it can be difficult for them to understand exactly how we feel. I'm sure you will be fine and after a good sleep you will feel better and be able to sort things out.

I am just recovering from my lap a few days ago and am recovering well. I'm so glad I did it as I have answers to why I'm in pain and can now more on and deal with it. I feel better knowing why I'm in pain and although there maybe a long road ahead getting that lap was the best thing to do. So please don't worry and try to think positive. I know easier said than done but be kind to yourself you have a lot going on and a child to look after which is tiring even without the pain. Sending you a big hug and try to get some sleep xx hope tomorrow is a better day x


It is natural to have these times, I have had times where I've flown off the handle for the most petty things such as the kids doing the dishes and not wiping down the sides, I shout and then usually cry so you're alone in feeling like that, I think my hubby and sons have learnt to just leave me to it if I go off on one, because if they argue it does turn into a row, whereas once I've realised how silly I am I give a sheepish apology, but they all understand its just sometimes the pain and then the frustration of not always being able to do stuff.

I too, like lily am recovering from a lap on the 19th, and I feel fine from the op I think, no complications but I do seem to be in more endo pain than usual and I'm putting this down to maybe them messing about in there and not actually treating any endo, I have consultant app next week to discuss next options which is prob hysterectomy.

Good luck with your app and keep us updated xxx


to me endo is like having pmt all the time....lol.......youll feel better once you have seen your gynae....and know wat your up against.gud luck....xxx


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