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Endo what a pain!!

Hi there. I'm 42 this year and was diagnosed at the age of 28 with the dreaded endometriosis. After suffering for about 16 months with severe pain and heavy periods that lasted for 2 weeks at a time i was finally diagnosed with it. I was constantly told I had a kidney inferction by my doctor, i had to almost beg to be referred to a gynaecologist. Within a month of seeing one i was in hospital having my right ovary removed which was smothered in what they call a chocolate cyst the size of a small football, ouch!! and then 2 years later i had my left ovary removed, well so i thought. After having a period after second op i was then told part of my left ovary was still there...whoops. Ive managed to live with it up untill 2 months ago and now it's flared up yet again causing the endo to spread to my bowels causing problems going to the toilet and bleeding when i shouldn't be. I'm now waiting to see a gynaecologist yet again. I'm hoping for the option of a hysterectomy because as far as i can see it's the only way to stop it. Time to be rid of it....

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Sorry to hear of your struggle with endo and that it is all flaring up again!

I hope you get the appointment thru quickly to see the gyno and some help is offered to you.

Sending you hugs to help u get through the day.


Thank you so much for your response....hugs to you to xx


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