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I don't know what else to do. Help

Im 19 years old and have been struggling with period problems for 3years now. I've been to the doctors so many times and had ample scans internal exams but nothing was found. i finally got diagnosed with endometriosis last year and i had the op to burn it all away, and hi never had any follow up from the op all i know is that it was wide spread and in the early stages. they put in the marina but i am still constantly bleed heavy and in alto of pain. i can't carry on and no one seems to be bothered. they doctors don't seem to want to help. im constantly humiliated from this. i have the best boyfriend i don't know how he puts up with it because im always upset and in pain and there's nothing he can do to help or understand.

i have now been bleeding for 7weeks constant. Sorry to moan but i don't know where to turn any more x

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You should go back to your GP and ask for a referral to an endo gynae doctor. Do some research to find a good one in your area and demand to be referred there.

You have the right to do that, they cant live you like that, there are various treatments to try and pain relief too.

When did you have your lap? If it was a long time ago, unfortunately when they use laser to burn the endo they dont take out the root and it can easily reappear, excision is much better. x


You need to be checked for anaemia, if you have bled for so long, your iron levels will be washed out and you'll be exhausted from that, so they need to be addressed. Then there is the matter of stopping the bleeding, there are drugs to help you to clot, tranexamic acid can be taken for 3-4 days to try and clot the bleeding and stop it. Doesn't always work but if it does can make all the difference.

How long have you had the mirena installed? it takes 4-6 months before it stops your periods if it is going to work for you and when that happens, it's amazing.

But you shouldn't be bleeding constantly till then. You will have periods until they stop, but they should be getting lighter each time and certainly not bleeding constinuously.

when last year was your lap op? if around Sep/Oct then your periods should be stopping any day now. If as late as December then probably May to June for periods to stop.

If it has been any longer then you need to be checked out, scanned to make sure the mirena is still inside you in the right place, and possibly try other meds to help stop your bleeds.

You could also consider trying the hormone treatments -GnRH drugs- which are very powerful drugs and probably should only be a very last resort to stop periods until the mirena starts to work its magic. If you can manage to stay off them, then do so. They can do more harm than good.


Thank you both for your helpful comments. i am in the process of waiting for a other referral but it has taken three weeks so far and still no sign i rang and asked and they just said to wait. i had my lap in October and the marina was placed at the same time. since this i have not seen any change at all. I am eating a high iron diet to compensate for the bleeding as i did notice my hair was falling out and i was constantly tired. this whole this is just really getting to me at the moment and making me feel quite low. Its really nice to know there are others dealing with the same problem and understand what im going though. Thanks x


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