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Good Hope Birmingham gynecology?

I have my First Lap in April was just wondering if anyone else had their's at Good Hope in Birmingham?

I am having mine with a doctor Kumar. Is the Good Hope gynecology good or not, did they look after you and get you sorted or left you on a whim.

Just would be nice to know if anyone else has been there and how their experience was, just so I am prepared. x

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We're really pleased that you have your lap booked. Endometriosis UK have a lot of information on our website about the kind of things you can expect when undergoing surgery. We also run a network of support including local and virtual support groups and a free helpline.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend or rate consultants or hospitals on this site and so it would probably be a good idea for you to look on the NHS website, where you can see satisfaction ratings and information about your service provider.

Good luck with your laparoscpy and we wish you a speedy recovery.


Hey there,

Have you considered going abroad for gynecology treatment? There are clinics in Poland and Hungary that are a fraction of the cost of going private in the UK, the waiting times are non-existant, and you can get cheap flights with a budget airline. You should look in to it, it could be an option... medigo.com/en/gynecology

Just thought it might help :)


Facebook groups are good to be able to discuss hospitals & surgeons too. Theres loads of groups - not all in uk tho so try searching for uk ones xx


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