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Is it worth visiting my GP?

I'll try to keep this brief - in December 2011, after a keyhole procedure to remove a benign ovarian cyst, I was told that I also had endo and it had been cleared away. I was told it would probably come back, but not given a timescale or any suggestion on what to do if it did! Before my op, I had not known that I had this condition - I was very accepting that the pains I had were just normal and related to menstruation, so didn't question them. Now that I know I had it though, I am pretty much convinced that it has now come back.

Having read some information on this site, I am dubious of whether my GP can help me. I am currently obese and also taking medication for high blood pressure and raised heart rate, so I don't think I will be allowed to take any hormone-related medication, definitely not the contraceptive pill anyway. I don't know anything about the ones that mimic the menopause, but although I am not planning to have children, I don't particularly fancy going through the symptoms of the menopause any time soon.

I am keen to hear from anyone who is in a similar situation to myself regarding whether I should bother raising the matter with my GP.... it is not particularly easy for me to get to the surgery, so I don't want to waste my time.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I was diagnosed last week in an emergency op, and I too, was not expecting it. Although explains a lot now! I have been discharged from hospital with no gynae follow up, no info, no treatment advice etc etc so like you, I am having to work out what to do. I would say of course you can see your GP for initial advice. Irrelevant of your size, or other health conditions, you are entitled to get some treatment help for your endo and its horrible symptoms. Your GP may help you himself or may refer you to a gynae or endo specialist - whichever happens please, please do not feel you will be wasting anyones time! It is your Gp, and it is bothering you this much to even write this question, you can't get any help until you have seen your Gp in the first place. I appreciate you say it isnt easy for you to get to the surgery, and i am assuming that you are needing some relief from your endo symptoms? For any step next to occur, it is the GP for the anything to happen next. Don't suffer unnecessarily. I am not sure of the different treatments tablet wise, but im sure he will advise you whats best next for your personal situation. All the best, and good luck :)


thanks for your reply moontide :) The pains come and go, but the thought that I could be rid of them completely is obviously appealing. I think I will mention it to my GP next time I am there, which should be in the next few weeks. I'll post an update if I find out anything useful :)


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