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Newly diagnosed after years of pain

I recently went in hospital to be sterilized and during the opereration they discovered endometriosis. I am unsure as to the extent but the doc said both Fallopian tubes and ovaries are adhered. I have previously had a dvt so cannot have the pill etc and with progesterone I bleed constantly hence the sterilization for contraception. What treatments are available in my circumstances? I am going to my go tomorrow to see if she has the report from hospital. Any help greatly appreciated.

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hi may be ask about the mirena coil ... i have had the coil for 5yrs now it stopped the bleeding and took some of my pain away xxxx good luck xxxx


Hi thanx I have tried that and my period continued for 6 weeks untilled I got it removed. The same happens with the injections, which is how I got my dvt as I was given the pill at the same time to stop the progesterone bleed. I am worried that the only treatment options available will be surgery unless anyone has had anything else. Hormones are out of the question as I can't have hrt due.to clot. Hopefully I will get some.answers tomorrow. :-/


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