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How fast can implants/Tissue grow back?

I had a Laparoscopy December 2011 and my pain went from constant to occasional. My occasional flare ups happened once every two-ish months and the pain was severe, but I was given a codiene perscription so that I wouldn't have to go to the ER to get morphine shots. I did pretty well for a year with only a couple flair ups, but now my pain is back and it is constant. Nothing is working not even my codiene and I am missing so much work because I can't even sit up let alone get out of bed. I'm thinking it's time for another laparoscopy, but they found so little tissue the first time, I'm wondering if it can even grow back this quickly. I don't know what to do, all I know is I can'y keep mission work like this!

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Dont forget codeine can make you constipated and cause trapped wind which just makes pain worse although initially it should help. I always take codeine with Fybogel (stool softener) and sometimes I also take Lactalose or even a Senna. Also, drink lots of water to flush stools through. Sounds like a lap is on the cards asap to see what is going on. Adhesion scar tissue can also cause horrible pain even after laps, scar tissue can form and stick adjacent organs together even after a less invasive lap. Any truama can trigger this and if you have formed scar tissue this can cause pain flare ups which can worsen during menstruation or if constipation is trapping wind. When inflammation kicks in from any of the above it can be crippling. Have they tried you yet on Zoladex injections yet to mimic pseudo menopause, this sends your oestrogen levels plummeting thus starves any new formations of endo deposits, it can work well for some but won't address any existing endo or scar tissue. It is now well established that even small deposits can be more painful than larger deposits it just depends what organs are involved ie ovary, bowel, bladder, stomach etc.


The Codiene the doctor put me on doesn't create cramping or constipation according to him. So hopefully that's the case. I normally take it with a stool softener just in case though. The reason they haven't done zoladex on me is because they gave me te first injection and I had a serious allergic reaction. I had no llergic reaction to the first six birth control pills they put me on. I'm currently on amethyst, which for whatever reason I'm not having a reaction to. Unfortunately this birth control is extremely low dosage and my doctor doesn't think it is effective. Thank you for the answer. I think I'm going to insist upon a lap.


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