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Hi everyone, just to let you all know that my op day is 22/4/13 for a hysterectomy what type i don't know yet but will be seeing doc on

9/4/13. i just wonder if anyone else was experiencing this funny feeling that i have in my lower abdomen it's just like the feeling i used to get after my c section which was 16 years ago and then now all of a sudden it's come back. it feels like something is moving or a bubbling feeling inside, i know it sounds strange but the feeling is getting more and more each day and during the day.i must admit i have got it the odd time since the c section but nothing like this. what can it be? has anyone ever felt the same as me? please advice.


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I get that regularly, feels very odd. Don't know what it is though, sorry that's not much help x


I get this too, almost feels like your muscles are contracting but with no pain. Don't know what it is either but I've got fibroids, endo and in the past had a cyst.


i have the same too, have asked docs and they say its just the nerves in the ab area which causes a feeling almost like the first movements of the a baby in your uterus.


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