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Confused about what is best

I was at gyno doc today as he wanted to discuss what the next stage in treatment would be for me after my lap 6 weeks ago. I was supposed to get laser treatment but unfortunately this did not happen as he said it was too risky to laser where it was. I was dissappointed because i had laser treatment 3yrs ago and it helped. So now he suggested the hormone injection along with HRT. I have tried, twice bfore, the injections which also helped but the HRT side affects were worse than the injection side affects. The doc said he wont give me injection without HRT! He said I could get it long term only if I combine it with HRT or go back in to see if he can cut adhesions away which he said would probably cause more adhesions. I am undecided about it all. Can anyone help me decide?


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Caught between a rock and a hard place then. I'm taking Zoladex and haven't had any problems with the HRT (Livial) other than weight gain. The reason your Gynae won't give injections without it is that it can greatly reduce your bone density which will bring a host of other problems with it.

Might it be worth you trying again?


Is zoladex a hormone injection? I may try again but if it doesnt agree with me then I dont know what I will do. I know my gyno will not give me long term injections unless I take the HRT. It's a pity there wasn't some tablet or something else that can help the bone density problem then I wouldn't have to worry about the HRT.



As I understand it, yes, Zoladex is a hormone injection. Did you not take the HRT in tablet form?


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