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How Many get the right pain relief ??

Hi I was told I had endo at 15 am now 34 I've also got pcod

& am so tired off docs saying "think your on too many painkillers " which is co-codamol 30/500 mgs I've read some blogs & some women are on morphine I've asked for something stronger but am always getting told am taking the right amount of painkillers for my condition which is nonsense as if I was I wouldn't still be in pain .. So I just wanted to know how many are actually getting morphine for endo ?? Thanks for reading x

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I do, my Gp is very supportive, Ive tried tramadol, paracetamol, can't take codine, dilfenic and now oramorth which does really help but makes you drowsy. I'm on pregabaline for nerve pain and these really help.

I stopped taking the oramorth when I stated taking pregabaline but I've just had my 4 lap, three days ago and I'm back on the oramorth. Xx


Combatting pain is the biggest problem for endo patients. We should be able to ask for a range of pain meds no questions asked and be able to vary them to avoid becoming reliant on any one type. Morphine or Opiate based drugs are certainly necessary for some endo ladies but it is always best advice to stick to the lowest dose of any drug that allows you to cope.

Co-codamol is not strong enough all of the time, and while it probably is sufficiently strong for general usage there are times when a stronger medicine is required.

If you just see one regular GP, are there any others at the practise that you can consult for a 2nd opinion? Or can you ask for a referal to a gynaecologist or pain management specialist who can re-assess your meds?

You might need to really push for stronger meds, or if you haven't had a surgery on the endo in recent years since you were 15, then it might be time for another op to assess the state of the endo now and see if surgery can alleviate any of the pain too.


Thanks for replying reason I asked was because I've noticed alot off women on here saying there on morphine but when I was digainosed with endo & pcod I was already on co-codamol so they put me on tramadol after years taking these I was still in so much pain it was totally unbearable but I put up with it .. Then my last op was 4 years ago this June & was told that best thing was to have a hysterectomy but I couldn't go through with it as I don't have any children & I guess am just sick off being told there's nothing else docs or gyne can do for me .. When I get really bad & go to a&e they give me pain relief which yes makes me light headed & sleeply but at least it helps am just upset with the fact that stronger meds are needed for most women but were just fobbed off with take these you'll be fine .. I defo think alot more needs to be done with pain relief for endo & I hate the fact that some women sit in silence it's just not fair .. Thanks for answering hope yous r pain free today x


Hi Hun,

I'm on a 25mg fentanyl patch (slow releasing morphine patch over 3days) and also on oromorph for break through pain,

I'm awaiting surgery but it's possible there's a 32wk waiting list.

These meds helped initially but you can become "immuned" to them and they become ineffective and the dose neeeds to be increased - and of course you become addicted to them! I have been on them for 4mths now and already dependent on them, but have an apt with GP next week as they are now becoming inaffective!

Please search for some sound advice before considering these meds - I agree with Impatient, try to get a referral to a pain management clinic, so they can help.

I'm now in a position where after my surgery, whenever that will be, I will have to be weaned off my dependency to morphine :-(

Keep pushing till you find some-one who will listen to you and give you the best advice - hope you can get control of your pain soon - hugs x


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