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Hrt post hysterectomy

I had a hysterectomy 7 weeks ago. Took my ovaries, left my cervix because it so so fused to my urethra and bowel. Today the gynae, who was particularly unhelpful in answering my questions, prescribed me livial hrt as I have awful flushes and night sweats. My concern is that on the leaflet says more than 1 in 100 women have a problem with their cervix, depression, pain in the abdomen and pelvis when taking this medication.

Is any one else taking this? What are your experiences? What other Hrt are being taken by fellow endo suffers? Is anyone on any patches?

Many thanks.

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Hi Jubro

Apologies for the late reply I have only just seen your question. I had a hysterectomy just over 2 years ago and have so far managed without HRT in any form. It is my own personal decision as I was prescribed and given Livial patches when I was discharged from hospital. As an endo sufferer I was determined not to put anything into my body that could help the endo regrowth although I do understand the risks to my bone density etc.

However in December 2012 I had another lap where endo was found as well as ovarian remnant tissue. Despite my best efforts endo managed to find its way back post-hyst. I am now on prostap again to try and get some relief and my gynae has said to see how I get on with it this time round and we will discuss HRT at my next appointment in May.

I don't think there is an easy answer to your question. I can understand your reservations on taking Livial but I understand that is the most beneficial HRT to prescribe to endo ladies post-hyst and favoured by many gynaes. It is a real shame that your gynae sounds so unhelpful when you were asking his advice. I will report back here in May and let you know what my gynae says if that helps?

In the meantime could you ask your GP for advice? Alternatively there is a UK Message board for hysterectomy patients which you could post the same question on.

Hope you find a solution soon and that your sweats and flushes start easing off.

Caroline, x


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