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Unsuccessful lap..... Or worse??

Dear ladies,

I had a lap at the end of November for severe stage 4 endo. I had radical excision. The thing is I'm sat here on the sofa (and this is not a new thing!) wrapped in a blanket, 3 tramadol in and still in agony. My surgeon told me to try natural for 6 months but I went back to see him month ago as I was in total ago y with my last 2 afs and couldn't bare it despite the tramadol. After an internal exam he told me I still hadn't healed from the surgery and still had raw patches from the excision (dinner plate sized area removed, 25mm deeply I filtrating) so he put me on the pill back to back and said just go straight to ivf. So I've been on the pill 2 weeks but can't believe how much pain I'm in today..... I'm seriously starting to wonder if something went wrong during surgery... Can anyone reassure me as I'm really strting to loose the plot... I'm self employed and haven't been able to do anything productive since the surgery and starting to worry about the lon term impact this pain and fatigue will have on my marriage (my husband is amazing but there have to be limits to how much anyone can put up with when there seem to be no answers or ways forward)

Sorry to moan, just feel like today has pushed me over the edge.



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Hi Ducky

I had excision in november too, deep infiltrating endo removed from the root from my right uterosacral ligament. The area is full of nerves and they had to cut some and irritate all the others in the area!

The pain was excruciating and still is on and off. I had my surgery from a top german endo gynae that he operates in greece (i had my lap there) and when I came back I went straight to my endo gynae here in london, he watched the lap dvd and he was extremely happy with the procedure. I was like you at one point, i thought more damage was done as the pain was worse than before my lap. But it takes time to settle, several months and since we are in the chronic pelvic pain category it will get better, but it will probably leave always sensitivity etc. This is what i was told so we both have to be patient....

i tried to have sex a month after the lap and the nerves were so irritated that I ended up with more severe pain..I'm about to start again cause we will try for a baby with hubby, so I hope at least can do the basics!

I found heat pads extremely helpful, always have one on my lap or heat patches, I stick them on me when I'm on the go..

Jo xx


Just to add that I'm about to start a 8-week course in mindfulness meditation specifically structured for chronic pain here in london. Its part of the Breathworks, it s supposed to help a lot dealing with pain and having good quality life even with pain. You could check this out too :) xx


Can your Dr reassure you that there is no infection ? X



Sorry to hear of your pain! I know where your coming from as I too had (I presume stage 4) endo excised 6months ago now but was in total agony for 4months and on tramadol daily. But the last 2months tbh the pain has eased loads. Don't get me wrong I have my bad days but it is not a constant pain at the moment. Gynea told me it would take upto 6months for things to calm down and for the nerve endings to settle, so please try hang on in there. It is more likely to be your nerve endings that are exposed and raw. Things may get a lot easier for you in the coming weeks. I too am hoping for a success but nothing so far and its 6months down the line. Not even a sniff of a positive. But I am having lap in May to (take 2 spots from right ovary and 1 spot from rectum). I just live in hope I don't come out with a colostomy bag and just 1 ovary because of this and no chance of ever conceiving. It is such a worry for us poor unfortunate ladies. x


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