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How long has it taken people with endo to conceive?

We've been trying for a long while now. I lost my first at 9 weeks and at the same time they discovered a massive endometrioma strangling my left ovary and endo all around my womb and bowels. Had surgery to have it all removed in early December and doc said that I had a good 6 month window of being completely clear to conceive but three cycles down and nothing yet. Just wondered what others experiences of trying to conceive with endo were/are?

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Hi, my endo was similar to yours, I had a endometrial growth removed & lots of lasering of womb & bowel, plus adhesion of my ovary removed (it was attached to back of the womb by adhesion). My surgeon told me to use an ovulation kit to find ovulation & 'hit the day' to increase our chances. This was helpful and did work! We used the kit & got sucess with 2nd attempt. I really wish you lots and lots of luck and hope you have happy news soon xx


Hi :0)

I had tried to get pregnant for years and suffered 2 confirmed and 1 suspected miscarriages. I had a laporotomy followedby 6 months of zoladex and got pregnant the first month off it. Definitely try checking ovulation if you're not already, although I have to say that we had given up actively trying at that point and only had sex twice that month so it was quite a surprise! Best of luck to you, I remember only too well the disappointment every month xxx


It took me over a year to get pregnant with my first. I fell pregnant a week before I was due to have my 3rd lap. I then fell pregnant again when my baby was 12 weeks old despite being on the pill! x


Thank you for all your replies. We will keep going and keep going with the ovulation kits too (I was about to give them up as a gimmick). It's good to hear from other sufferers and to know that I'm not alone x


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