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Hi I have really fought to get a doctor to listen to me, i was 40 I have a back op in 09, then a spinal infection. Since then I have had really bad back ache they all said it was my back problems but I knew it was a different kind a pain. The doctors just kept on giving me morphine it got to the stage that I was just sleeping all day and couldn't talk. I start to get heavy bleeding and clots between periods. One day I was rushed into hospital 999 call with pains in my tummy. I was they 16 days saw gyns and other doctors scans etc nothing wrong carry on with your morphine also have some oral morphine lolx I went straight to my doctors to ask to be sent to kings mill hospital for a second opinion. 2weeks later I went got fibroids had a lap in next week got server endometriosis as well booked in the week after for the bikini cut op. might have to have a colostomy bag . Woke up after the op doctor sat at the side cut me open to bad to do bikini way so need another op in a few weeks. Day came they cut me upwards had a full hysterectomy and my bowels all scrapped. I feel so much better. No promise it won't come back but FIGHT FOR ANSWERS DON't let ours get that bad you have to have a full hysterectomy !!!!!!!!!!!

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Karenjroe, I'm so sorry you've had such a rough ride and had to go through so much to get to this point. It shouldn't be like that. Thank you for sharing your story. I found it inspiring. I'm sorry that in the end you had to have a hysterectomy to feel better. You sound like such a strong person. I really wish you only good things.

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