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Gynocologist appointment


I have my first appointment with my gynocologist after my laproscopy to laser off my endo, I really worried about going as I'm still in so much pain , I haven't got any better since my op with was end of nov, I fear that she isn't going to help me resolve this pain , I'm not sure how to approach the appointment, I'm going with my mum as she is so concerned and has already told me that she doesn't want to leave there tomoorow without some answers, I just I can get sorted so I can get my life back ,



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Hey i fell ur pain. I had my lap done on the 29th nov 2012 and my 2 periods after were hellish and was in agony. I had alot of work done during my op with my ovaries being fused to my bowel and lots of endo and my right ovary covered in cysts. I had an MRI scan in jan as they needed to see where the endo thats left was and because there was still quite a bit left i have been put on a temporary menopause to try shrink the rest thats left, Its hard work and only been on this for 2wks so far but praying it will help me for a bit. You may still have endo left too, I no that if they only laser some parts thats just taking the surface off and the root of endo is still there but some areas cant be cut away. Hope this helps and you get all the info u need 2moro. Gd luck and let us know how u get on xx


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