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Smear Test

Hi Girlies,

I hope everyone is well and as pain free as possible.

I have my first smear test next week and I just wanted to ask a few questions about it, so here goes;

Will it hurt more as I have endo and am I more likey to have an abnormal result come back because of the endo.

I have googled it and on a few sites it says people who have endo are more likely to have an abnormal result and those who are on prostap injections and HRT are at a higher risk to get cancer is this true?

Any advice will be very appreciated :) xxx

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Hi, I have had several smears and have never had any abnormal results despite having endo. My last smear was very painful but I think that was due to everything being painful there. Previous ones were just uncomfortable. Try not to worry about it as it will make you tense xx



I recently had a smear test in December and wouldn't say it was more painful than normal; I've got severe endo (stage 4). My results came back in about a week's time and thankfully all was normal (I must admit I was bit worried)! So in my experience it wasn't more anymore painful than usual and didn't affect the result. Mind you I've had worse things done to me recently(lap, HSG, hysteroscopy) that was nothing in comparison! With regard to being at higher risk to get cancer due to being on prostap and HRT... I'm not sure what the answer to that one is.

Hope your smear goes well & results are all normal... :-) x


I don't want to put you off as it is a brilliant thing you are going for a smear but I've had 3 tests that were painful and after all of them I bled for a couple of days. I've always had abnormal results but nothing to worry about. I have a smear every six months now to keep an eye on it. My results may be down to something else and not the endo though so don't worry too much just now.x


Yes mine was quite painful and was also painful when i had an internal examination but this is due to endo being down as far as my cervix but the doctor or nurse will be very gentle with you and wont continue if its painful. Hope it goes ok for you xx



I had pre- cancerous cells in 2010 and had them removed so I have to have a smear test every year instead of every 3 years. They were slightly uncomfortable but I just got on with it (as women often do)I knew how important they were. In 2012 I got diagnosed with Endo so then realised why I had been uncomfortable. Now I tell the nurse every time I have one (had 2 since being diagnoised) and it makes such a difference. I had the same as the other ladies, sometimes bleeding afterwards or just feeling uncomfortable on the day it was done. The nurse used a different size instrument and was so gentle I think she also used more lubricant. The nurse said if it was still uncomfortable then she would try something else. Every test has been normal. My sisters have had abnormal results and one of my sisters had them twice and they don't have Endo. I hope the test is pain free and your results come back all clear.



Thanks for all of your replies, I will deffo tell the nurse I have endo, my endo is deep down in my pelvis and all over my left side. Im coming to the end of my prostap injections and the pain and feeling sick and run down are slowly creeping back in :( xx


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