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Rumbling sensation in womb area?

Ok, so over the past week I have had a new symptom come my way grrr, thank God I am seeing the gyno for the first time Tuesday it cannot come quick enough.

This new symptom I have been getting is a weird rumbling fluttering sensation in my lower tummy/womb area and it is getting very annoying, it is not painful just annoying as it is happening constantly throughout the day/

I was just wondering if anyone else has been getting or has had this problem in the past and what it is/could be?

B x

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Sounds like your bowels to me hun, mine rumble constantly, like shifting air!! Have you noticed whether your passing more gas than normal? x


yeah I do alot anyway but more often lately and it hurts so bad it is so annoying getting me right down lately. Got my first appointment with the gyno Tuesday so hoping they will be ablet to finally find out whats wrong x


Well if any endo has attached to your bowel that can affect the pain levels. I get really bad pain just before a lot of wind too, does my head in!! x


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