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Fed up with this pain

I'm 20 years old and got diagnosed with endometriosis a couple of months ago after suffering with pain for 2 years I has numerous tests eventually having a laparoscopy to discover I have endo , I've since had a laparoscopy to remove the patches, I suffered with terrible bleeding after this and still the ongoing pain , I'm physically exhausted with the pain now and I guess I was hoping the pain would reduce after the op , I have an appointment with my gynocologist on the 5 th of feb, this is my first appointment after the op, I just need answers I'm fed up with waking up every day with this same pain, are there ways to control the pain ? I'm on tramadol but are there any treatment plans I could suggest when I go to thie appointment, just feel like nothing is working I want my life back :( sorry for the rant

Amy x

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Amy, I'm sorry you're having a bad time! My pain has gotten worse since I had my laparoscopy! You can develop endo on the scars so that might have happened to both of us explaining the increased pain afterwards. I get so tired with constantly being in pain and it is frustrating to wake up and it still be there. You can get 500mg Ibuprofen and/or 500mg Paracetamol and take 2 of each every 4 hours. This did work for me but my body builds up an immunity to pain killers REALLY fast which is annoying. If anything count yourself lucky that your gynae asked you back, my gynae discharged me after the lap and told me to relax and things will get better on their own. I've now got endo on the womb, bowel and possibly fallopian tubes and ovaries. My chance of having children is very slight but I'm glad I have my fiancee there for support and everyone except for my dad is happy for me to start having children soon lol. I have had to give up on my career because of this also. I am only 16 (17 in 22 days :D) and I am very lucky to have everyone by my side for support but I can't help but feel alone at times as no one understands how much it affects endo sufferers. I really do hope you get help and everything gets better for you! Good luck with everything in your future.

Leya :) x


hya ,i am the exact same , im 25 years old ,i have pcos and endometriosis on the bowl,bladder,both ovaries,both tubes, port of douglas,stomach wall,urinary tract ,and my wombs full of adometriosis , i carnt get on top of my pain at the minute got codeine and tramadol ,nothing helps ,ive had a 3 month injection of dec, and that hasnt touched the pain , i had a laporoscopy they didnt remove or even try to remove any of it , they said it was way too wide spread i have it every where , so there now hoping to try shrink it for abit instead ,but i dont feel any different still in agony ,so i know what your both feeling like , they said there suprised that ive ever concieved ive had 2 miscarriages one at 8 week one at 14 week ,,but i have a beautiful healthy baby girl too,so i have conceived 3 times in total, everybodys different and everybody body is different ,,im telling you this just so you know they is chance and that it could be possible for you,,,2 of my pregnancy did take a year to concieve ,but one of my pregnancys took 4 weeks xxx


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