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What happens after prostap?

I had a lap in April where I was diagnosed with substantial and severe endo. I had been suffering for around two years before my lap. I have endo pretty much all over and everything was stuck together. After my lap I was put on the pill which did nothing and I was in excruciating pain as before. My consultant put me on prostap, which was a godsend! I have had a lot of the side effects but I would rather hot flushes and sleeplessness than not being able to walk upright. I have my last prostap injection in a few weeks and was wondering what I should expect? This is the only thing that has helped me and I'm anxious about getting poorly again x

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Hi there,

I was diagnosed with not severe endo in pelvis, but the pain was awful, put me in hospital a few times before Gynae decided a lap. I was put on prostap, which helped, só what i turned into My mother. The dragging pains were still there. I found going wheat free helped massively. The endo pain returned within 3 months of finishing gradually getting worse each month. I Had another course of prostrap. Obviously your only allowed so many.

After that it returned again, i decided to try for a baby as Had one already, My luck i got pregnant straight away... Only answer i felt. That was 12 yrs ago, Had another baby since but has returned again...seems to disappear for 3 yrs after getting pregnant....what to do now?

It sounds like you have it worse than when i Did. I do hope it works for you, diet defiantly helps , affects My bowels now. Have recently tried provera for 7 months which has worked apparently as recent lap Says , endo gone... but side affects vary and are not Nice, pains in stomach and leg, major depression

..Mrs angry!

Cycles will start now so see how i go

Good luck to you, positive mind and try take any stress out of your life...always will aggriavate endo.

All the best xx


Thanks :) I hope it stays away as it is very depressing! And you've given me some hope as I was worried about conceiving. I'm not ready yet but I feel almost pushed into trying to conceive whilst the endo is at rest xx


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