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Job issues, postponing an op?

Hi there, I was made redundant on 30th Nov. I know i have been booked in for a hysterectomy and a few other proceduces on 13th Jan and today i was offered a job. I knew there is no way they would give me the job if i told them about op at interview, and they didnt ask about health so i didnt tell them. they only asked about past sick leave and as i only worked 2 days a week my record is good,( as i just plod on) , which i told them. Well i got the job which i'm thrilled about in this market and i start after christmas on 6 months probation. I'm thinking of postponing the operation until i'm settled in the job and proven myself a good worker. Is this a good idea? I'm suffering but coping with pain and prolapse issues. I really cant afford to be unemployed as i have 3 kids and we need the money so i feel i have to put this first. I'm giving over 4 weeks notice so hope the consultatn is ok with this. Anyone any experince of requesting a postponement?

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Could you not mention to your employers that you have an op booked but say you will change it if necessary and see what they say? They may prefer you to have op at the beginning of your employment rather than a while after you've started.


Hi ktbear thanks for your reply, i had actually thought of saying that but when i accepted the job the lady said on the phone that she hoped to get me started then as thats when they need me, as girl i'm replacing is leaving. so i cant imagine they'd appreciate it if i took off 6 weeks on sick straight away. They had a lot of people in for job and a lot interviewees so i'm sure they would easily find a replacement which would be awful! they also commented on my job stability in past and how they hoped this would continue-eek! I only rang consultant out of noseyness and didn't expect it to be as soon- wanted a rough idea to plan ahead


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