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Got my 2nd Lap tomorrow TERRIFIED!


I have my 2nd lap tomorrow and I thought it would be easier this time but it turns out I am more terrified than last time, my last op was this year in august and didn't go very well, I was given loads of diplefenac which turns out makes me puff up and slow my breathing and when I woke from the op I was screaming in agony for hours my recovery was 2 months of agony I'm really hoping this time goes smoothly, I just feel empty like I want to cry but also feel nervous and excited that it might go well it is such a weird feeling! Anyone else had this?

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I had my 1st lap July this year and my 2nd lap one month ago. My first lap was not successful as the (then) gynae didnt notice all the endo I had and I had to have the 2nd lap so soon.

Dont be nervous, just because 1st lap wasnt ok it doesnt mean it will be like that again. My recovery was totally different the second time, after a week I was fine, when in my first lap i had 4 weeks to recover.

I had these mixed feelings too, nervous because of lap risks etc (that there are so minimal and the op is so routine) and excited cause i will get rid of the endo!

Be strong and think positive, you will be fine! ;)

Good luck

Jo x



I am currently in hospital now typing this after just having my second lap. My last operation was in July this year, that also didn't go fully to plan, so I was terrified for yersterdays op!!....everything went really well though, I have stage 4 endo and my consultant and bowel surgeon managed to remove 99% of it, so hopefully now my husband and I can try for a family again... I have had 3 miscarriages and I am 37 so keeping everything crossed!

Try not to worry, easier said than done, but I'm sure this time will be better.

I am keeping everything crossed for you!

Kelly xx


Keeping everything crossed for you. Really hope you get that baby! xx


I do understand your fear as my last lap and hysteroscopy ended up being very invasive due to finding alot more endo and adhesions than they expected and I was kept in a private room off the ward for days afterwards. I am now trying to find the courage to be referred to consultant for another surgical procedure possibly hysterectomy and have got myself into a 'frozen with fear'

state of mind, so am not dealing with it and quietly suffering. I know I must deal with it as bravely as you are doing so now. You are braver than you realise because you are having it done!

It may well be this lap is less invasive and your often released the same day! I would suggest speaking to those involved on the day before you go in and explaining your fear and why. Often it is a simple case of getting the pain meds right, not just the op itself. Your experience of last lap

will arm them with better ways to pre-empt your pain this time! go girl! all the best.


Thank you so much for your kind words, I'm still waiting to go down for my op, the anaethetist has just seen me and said basically she is stuck for meds for me because I can't have mophine, tramadol, fentalyn so she said i am going to be in a lot of pain like I was in with my laparotomy and laparoscopy and if I am calling for them to give me more pain killers they can't do anything, so its going to be exactly like last time now my nerves are through the roof :( x x


There is absolutely nothing to fear but all to be gained!!!

Do not worry at all.

I have my first lap in August last year. I had a lot of complications which left me critically ill for 2 hours in recovery, I was then taken back to theatre for a second life saving op. 7 months later I was having another lap. 3 days after that and I was back fitting fit!!!

Its not pleasant but I have learnt that there's no point getting stressed or worried because that just makes everything worse. Just accept it, take plenty of rest and think that it will all be worth it in the end to be pain free!!! I don't regret a second of what I've had, I'm stronger for it and I'm virtually pain free - I have my life back!

Thinking of you.



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