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How long does ivf process take?


We have our first ivf appointment with ivf consultant in a couple of weeks. Does anyone know how long it will take for them to start with the downregulation if there is no waiting list here from the date of our first appointment? Are there more months of form filling and tests ahead before we start the process? DH has already had SA done and I have already had all blood tests done except for amh. Also from the start of downregulation does the process take two months?


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Hi ktbear,

HealthUnlocked has a community where you can ask questions about IVF to people who might be able to help. Maybe that would be a better place to ask your question.






It will depend on your health authority ,Good luck ,its tough going I hope you are sucessful, my sis in law was twice ...i tried twice with ivf x Got two fantastic adopted children now xx


Thank you for your responses and wishes. I know there's no waiting list here so hopefully we can get started soon. I hope I'm strong enough to cope with it. X


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