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prostap injection......advice needed please ladies!

I finally got to see an endo specialist yesterday and his advice was to have the prostap injection. I am nervous about this as there is a lot of conflicting opinions on this type of treatment. he recommended to take hrt alongside and is referring me for an mri scan. I am 35yrs old, no children (but would like to one day, hopefully!) and I was diagnosed 18months ago via lap, although I have suffered from symptoms since I was 16. I was also diagnosed with polycystic ovaries when I was about 20. any advice/experiences would be greatly appreciated :) wishing u all pain free days xxx

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The injections can give you menopausal symptoms, night sweats hot flushes mood swings, but everyone is different. Don't let them keep you on them too long, espesh if you haven't had children, im also 35 and just had my 12th operation, not including stents and allsorts of treatment. I didn't let them do the injections for more than 6month.

Hope all goes well :)



I am have just had my 2nd injection of Decapeptyl 3rd n final one due 4/12 I was panicked about putting in weight as struggling with that. However with the help of slimming world I have lost nearly a stone. Had a few hot flushes in the night. Migraines and a few mood swings but not more than usual for me lol. Still too early to say if its working but only being given the 3 injections at the mo. do you know why u can only have 6 mths and if that is the same for all injection types. Not too bad for me as I am 44 but for the younger ladies on here what happens after 6 months ??


I would recommend it - had 2 lots of Prostap3 and then paid for a 3rd one as NHS wouldnt cover it. (They say being on it for more than 6 months can affect bone density...) You may have menopausal symptoms but just make sure your HRT suits you - it is a case of trial and error. For me personally the relief I got from not having ovulation pain, swelling, severe period pain and heavy bleeding was worth the discomfort. Good luck whatever you decide! xxx


hi i dont really recommend it im 30 years old been on it for 2 and half years although it has help (a little) with my endo i still have to take tramadol not as much as before but still need the help with the pain relief i also have problems with my fingers and feet and thats down to the prostap also have trouble sleeping


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