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Ureter damage ??

Ladies, can anyone help and share your own experiences please.

Ive recently had surgery in which my ureter had to be cut through, stretched and rejoined elsewhere in my bladder (cant remember the technical term for it)... anyhow 3 months after the surgery and im feeling healthy, only to get the results from my CT scan which show that the same problem is now occuring to my left ureter.

My surgeon is wanting to do preventative surgery ... on friday :( its now tuesday ... he is saying that he will put a stent into my left ureter and leave it there long term...

Really interested to hear from anyone who has had this kind of thing done before,


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Hi, I see you've had no replies so I thought I'd tell you my experience although it's kind of the reverse of yours. I had ureter and kidney problems due to endo and initially had it treated by having a stent put in, which was changed 3 times, but then I had the operation exactly as you describe to sort the problem out once and for all. While the stent was in everything was fine, but once it was taken out the ureter began closing up again, so it was deemed necessary to cut out the section of ureter altogether. I was not aware that a stent could be a long term solution, but I guess it depends what is causing the damage. In my case I had a huge nodule that was pushing against the ureter and the surgeon said that it was as if an elastic band had been wound around it, it was so tightly closed. I think if they feel that the stent can safely be left in long term then it's well worth doing, as I found that I honestly didn't even notice that I had it in, I used to forget it was there. The op to insert it was very straightforward and quick, and after a few pains the same day when my body was getting used to having a 'foreign body' in there, I was able to carry on exactly as normal, I had no side effects or urinary symptoms. If there's a chance that having the stent can avoid you having that same operation again then it sounds like a good solution. Good luck, hope it works out for you


hi blueboo thanks so much for your reply, ive never been sure on here how to find out if someone replies, then i got a notification saying you did which is great !!

I honestly hadnt been told anything about this serious damage to my right ureter while i was living in the UK, its only since moving abroad that it seems to have been looked into more.

I had the stent put in my left side on friday which seems to have gone well, as you said ive a few niggly and uncomfortable pains but generally ok. the only strange thing is today at work ive had constant chest pains, actually panicked at one point as i couldnt breath ... paramedics came but said everything ok and put it down to new medication...

Can i ask how you feel now ?? did you have this done to both sides or just one??

Any information/advice you can share will be greatly appreciated, x


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