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New Endo Designed Recipe Book

New Endo Designed Recipe Book

Hi my fellow English Endo Girls!

I started a blog about my personal journey with Endometriosis about 2years ago and found that changing my diet and including more nutrient dense foods made a huge difference to how I felt.

It has been over 2years and I feel so much better for it! No more pain or inflammation and I have lost an entire dress size!

So, I got heaps of requests from the 1000+ followers from my blog to create a recipe book, which I finally finished last week :)

It is very exciting as I launched the book last week and have already sold heaps!

You can check out my blog at cureendometriosis.com

The recipe book is at: healingrecipebook.com/

You can watch a video of me and my personal experience there :)

I want to help women feel better with Endo. You don't need to suffer in pain with endo everyday - it is all in the food that you eat.

I hope you visit my blog - has 498 free articles to help you.

Big hugs to all the endo girls out there!

Melissa (The Endo Angel)

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What a shame it's so expensive, given that us endo sufferers need all the help we can get and endo-friendly ingredients are SO expensive....I personally wouldn't pay $27 for 100 receipes when I can buy other endometriosis recipe books with 250+ recipes in for around a tenner....


Hey i always follow your blog :) its reallly helpful.. thanks so much xx


Thank you ConfusedGirl. Really appreciate the loyalty :)


Thank you for all the great information :) its much appreciated x


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