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Endo! If it's not one thing it's another!!

Ok, everyday I try and be patient, count to ten and not explode with frustration at how the past years have just changed and I seem to be just watching my life float away but sometimes I just need a break.

Even though my pain has been really minmal lately, by getting my period on Tuesday I have just started yet again another vicious cycle of fatigue ant now to top it all off the nausea and sick feeling in my stomach seems to be back! Tody, I just felt utterely wrecked and drained and had the sick, queasy feeling. This is not new but I had manged to escape it for some time recently.

My main vent is that I never seem to get one day where I just feel normal. There is always either


b) fatigue

c) and now nausea

that just seem to play a part in my life and it makes me mad.

My life revolves around coping with this and struggling through my job. After that, there is nothing.

In conclusion, endometriosis just robs you off alot that nobody seems to realise!!


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Hi Awnie. I know how you feel, endo has a way of taking over doesn't it. I'm currently trying to sit on only one butt-cheek due to my decapeptyl injection, the joys of it all. Have you tried alternative remedies/detoxing? Hope you feel better soon x


I have had these exact symptoms creeping up on my and today is the start of my cycle like you the sick feeling, headaches, pains in my eyes, fatigue, on a plus side the pain is less in my abdomen it all seems to be surrounding my head!

I was talking to someone last night which said they get an iron deficiency when they are coming up to their cycle, so im wondering if thats one of the causes?

would be worth while checking....im going to try and book on monday to ask.

Endometriosis is a stealer in my eyes too, i used to have an active travelling life but now im house bound most days.

I hope you are feeling better soon, try and have an hour power nap too see if that helps x x


I think you should boost your energy by eating plenty of fruit and veg regular exercise and as long as you have hobbies there is a less chance to keep thinking about it, just think that you are not the only one suffering from women issues and you have a lot of choices with modern medecine available, sometimes I think if I never have kids I could choose to have a removal of genital functions, although it would be a big decision. I hope you will not feel as criplled by it when you focus a bit more on staying positive


Hi, You are right, Endo. has a lot of unseen symptoms that you feel, but others cannot see. Try very hard to stay focused. I found it a great help when I was younger and had more symptoms to cope with, to give myself a little treat over the worst days, only simple things watching an uplifting DVD or having a chocolate Eclair with my coffee. They were just little things to focus on for that day. I wish all of you the best, I know what you are going through.


Thank you for the helpful comments. I have recently started taking Vitamins especially those that are fundamental to the menstrual cycle so fingers crossed, I might be doing something proactive at least.

I think that explaning how I feel can help in coping with endometriosis and ALL its consequences. xx


Hi, i get where you are ... the vicious cycle of symptoms, pain, then nausea, then headacheche, then anxiety, then ibs, then off again on and on, sure makes working difficult , throw the fatigue in the mix and how do we cope. i dont want to go on and on about mine , i just want to tell you i get it . i hope you are okay and you can rant with me anytime, also if you have a good day shout it out .


Thanks Danny, it is reassuring to see that I am not alone x


Hi ladies, has anyone tried Vitamin B complex for endo? And also if you dont mind me asking has anyone tried having a coil fitted? This is an otion on offer to me at the minute and Im proper 50/50 but kind of willing to try anything. I had laproscopy 2 years ago but in the last few months I have got worse until last week, day before my period, I broker down with the stress of it all and finally admitted I need help. I also have adenomysis which I think is similar to endo but to be honest its all so confusing isnt it! But yeah Awnie you are definitely not alone although I understand why it feels that way. Im a pretty level headed and rational person generally and yet when its leading up to my period I just crumble. Tracey x


All of that sounds eerily familiar to me, especially the nausea. Can anyone explain which are the best vitamins and why please? Thanks in advance xx


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