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Can employers do this??

Hi ladies

I was offered a job, start date 19th nov. First hospital appt on the 12th. I phoned today and they apparently didnt know this (even though i disclosed this on medical form and spoke to woman about this when offered the job), now I have been told I need to phone on monday after my appt to tell them my treatment plan and what will happen, they will then need to speak to HR if I can do the job or not, can they take my job offer away from me?

Thank you

Rach xx

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If your condition is chronic which endo is they would need to make reasonable adjustments to your role if you cannot fulfil the role completely. If you disclosed this on your medical form then you have been open and honest and they cannot use this against you. If they do withdraw the offer they would be discriminating against you under the equality act and you would be able to put in a claim against them.

I hope this helps and hope they do act reasonable for their sake



I didnt put that it was chronic i just put suspected endometriosis. I havent got a letter stating i have been offered the job but it was through a company first and they told me before my employer did that i had the job. So other people know i was offered the job.

Thank you for your reply RTC9



If you were offered a job and accepted then you've a contract right there. You need to stand your ground right from the off on this one. If they think they can get away with withdrawing the offer they probably will. When you talk to them come from the stand point that you have the job, eg, ask questions about your first day etc. if you show them doubt they could use it against you and you could talk yourself out of the job. If they do say you cannot have the job you have to be clear with them and say that it is totally unacceptable to make a job offer and then retract it based on a disclosed medical condition. Say you will take professional advice about it and get back to them. They should start taking you seriously then. (I'm in HR) good luck x


Hi Jules

Thanks haha it would be a lot to take on, I know that myself cause its 40hrs a week and im doing Open Uni so it is a lot to take on but i just cant believe this has happened. i got off the phone and started to cry (very emotional atm lol). She did sound like if any treatment and other hosp/dr appts were needed then it would be taken away from me. I just said okay i will contact you on monday afternoon.

Rach xx


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