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What to do?

Hello endo sisters hope ur all pain free as u can be, havnt put a post on for a bit bin having a bad time lately got a 2nd lab booked nx week am gland someone is finery listening to me at last, had a appointment 3 oct told the consultant what's going on its getting worst and how I feel and that I havnt fell pregnant yet, bin to hell and bck cus of feeling feb up getting depressed just at my wits end doctors and consultant apointments being told its the endo thats stoping u getting pregnant and y I feel so bad,but as I was at the appointment he said I still had my coil cos he can see it on the m.r.i i had in aug this year, I said it can't be had it removed last year cus thay said its making the endo worse so he said he'll remove it now I said ok but he couldn't find the strings so it turns out thay tryed to take it out but didn't do it right and left it in me without me knowing, so he has to take it out in the op, am so mad my feelings r all over the shop, I know I hav endo from the last lab but am not so sure it was that what stopped me getting pregnant, just need sum advice from u guys its a gd place I can put down my feeling and u know how am feeling, family and friends know but not realy know ,

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It will be the coil stopping you getting pregnant as it tricks the body into thinking it already is pregnant. With it in, you won't be ovulating so hopefully you'll manage to concieve after its removed, can't believe they told you they'd removed it when they hadn't. I think a strong letter of complaint is in order!!! hugs x


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