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Birmingham Support Group Next Meeting - 14 November 2012

Nutrition and Herbal Medicine for Endometriosis - you'll be surprised the difference it can make

Sarah Firnberg, a Consultant Medical Herbalist based in Birmingham will explain how taking herbs and changing your diet to deal with Endometriosis can help you by reducing your symptoms, as well as regenerate your health. She will also offer some practical advice on how to go about making changes in your diet and welcome any questions you may have about it.

It's at the Education Resource Centre at Birmingham Women's Hospital, Metchley Park Road, Birmingham, B15 2TG. You should park in Car Park D.

This event is open to you, partners, family members and friends. Looking forward to seeing you all!

You can join the group on facebook and see the event here: facebook.com/events/1078404...

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The link just takes me to Sarah Firnberg's page, is there any more info on the event itself?

Is it an Endo support group meeting with Sarah being there to present or is it an event being held by Sarah?

I'd be interested in anymore info. Thanks.


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