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New to the site - some advice would be great!

Hi everyone, was just looking for some advice on google and came across this site so thought I would give it a go. I am 27yrs old and was diagnosed with endo approx 12 months ago after having years of problems. I had a laparoscopy last December during which the surgeon drained 4 cysts, removed some scarring and did something to my bowel (it was fused together with adhesions). Following on from the surgery I have been placed on the cerazette pill which did seem to help for a while. Anyway over the last couple of months the symptoms have come back with a vengeance, I have been to my GP who has referred me back to a specialist and I am currently waiting for that appointment to come through. I also have some new symptoms and wondered if anyone else suffers with these as I feel like I am going a little crazy and don't know who to turn to! My family don't seem to understand how painful/humiliating this is and I am feeling really low at the moment, I'm off work as the pain is so bad and sitting around the house with no one to confide in is only making me feel worse. So here is my list of symptoms:

Severe pain in my lower back and legs

Stabbing pains in the right hand side of my abdomen

Extreme fatigue

Shooting pains which seem to go up inside my vagina

Pain when going to the loo!

Intermittent bleeding - which seems to last an hour or so and then stop but can be very heavy

Bleeding after sex

Bleeding after bowel movement

Does anyone else suffer with the same symptoms and have any advice for me please? I'm at the stage where I am willing to try anything.

Thank you x

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I have all of those symptoms lovely, More came weirdly after my surgery, I haven't been put on any pills to stop the oestrogen, but thats because he didnt remove all the endo in one go something about there not being enough time!.

When i am really bad as you are now i just try and sleep it off and i know being in bed is not the answer for ever, but rest can be a good thing, and due to all the pain your in you are exhausted.

as well as that, other people that are not going through or havent seen you go through it are not really ever going to understand and it is a pain and so frustrating because you can look so healthy people say 'oh your looking really healthy!' but you know you feel like something is dying inside of you.

Have you tried the Endometriosis Diet lovely? its not going to be an instant thing because it will take a little bit for your system to get used to whats happening, you will probably loose weight as well, but if you keep to it the painful bloating will calm down and some of your symptoms will ease.

I'm sorry i cant tell you how to take all over it away but these helped me and they are a natural way instead of soooo many pain killers! i do not take them unless i really really have to.

I am still working on why the bleeding bowel and painful poos are there and my gaeny has opted to refer me for a stigmoid test which is smaller than a colonoscopy but you could ask when your at your next appointment or go straight to your GP.

Painful sex many women have a problem with and i havent found a way around that either.

The thing is i was told the more they operate the more ahesions grow and they cause a lot of pain let alone the endo aswel.

Also when you are less swollen and in pain when the diet has kicked in, do some light (not serious) exercise like yoga really helps stretch everything, you will probably not feel like it now but when you can try it.

I hope this helped a little lovely x x i hope you feel better soon x

This is the link to the diet and recipes:


x x x


Thank you so much for the comment. I will certainly take a look into the diet, like I said I'm willing to try anything. I am hoping that the specialist will hold some magical answers for me once my referral comes through. You're def right about people not understanding, don't get me wrong my family are sympathetic but I can't help but get the feeling that they're a little tired of hearing me complain!

My main worry is that me and my partner are thinking of starting to try for a family and I'm petrified that I'm going to have problems conceiving, not sure I can stand the heartache to be honest.

It does help to know that there are others who are experiencing the same problems as me and I think this site is fantastic.

Thanks again and take care xxxx


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