GP says I may have Endometriosis, I have appt with specialist soon. One of my symptoms is mucus from back passage anyone else get this?

(Other symptoms: ache and pain to tummy. Pain up my back passage. Low back ache and top of my legs can ache. Can have heavy periods with clots. The mucus started about 5 months ago, I waited to see if if kept happening, which it did so went to GP. Worried about this but GP thinks it is probably linked to periods as seems to start few days before my period, during and a couple of days after then more or less clears up)

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  • Hi hunni i used to get mucas from my back passage and i was told by my consultant that was caused by my intestines being tangled together with my fallopian tube because of scar tissue and adhesions i also had really bad constipation aswell. I had a lap op about 4 weeks ago to seperate my intestines and my fallopian tube and they managed to remove all the qdhesions and scar tissue and since then i havent had any constipation and no more mucas, they did find endo on my right side and on my pelvis.

    Hope this helps you x

  • Hi, I have endo on my bowel and I get mucus too. I'm awaiting further surgery to remove endo from bowel and I also have it on my ureters from kidneys! I've just started Zoladex this week so hoping to get the benefit of that signs yet though. You're not alone xx

  • My gosh: have had this all my life: I never knew this is an endo all of you, please i hope you'll let me know:

    is your back passage mucus mainly when you pass bowel motions?

    or is the mucus a regular seeping discharge?


  • Hi barnclown mine was mainly when i passed a bowl movement and a few times it had blood in the mucas but i didnt have any just seeping out x

  • Thanks for all your replies, it has put my mind at ease a little. I have been looking up symptoms of this condition on the net and could not find mucus from back passage anywhere so was starting to worry it may be something else. I am glad I have joined this and will keep reading. My appointment is early next month so I shall know more then. I have always had painfull periods with pain else where and lower back ache etc. It all seems to be getting worse and the mucus starting 5-6 months ago was the final straw to make me go to the GP. Thanks again for your comments they have helped!

  • I get this. never new it cud be endo realted just thpught ibs.... but then i think my ibs is misdiagnosed endo.... Not diagnosed endo yet still waiting for a coil on 27th. everything points to emdo wjy cant my consultant see this???! X so frutrating! X

  • I get this either clear ir pink during my period

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