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What next???

Can anyone offer any advice please on what i do next??

I have had 1 lap in April where some adhesions were cut away as well as 1 of 2 chocolate cysts were cut and drained.......i was then put on prostap for 6 months which is up next month.

I have a consultants appointment on Monday to go over the next steps and i am struggling to decide what way to go.............more surgery......mirena coil......nothing but pain relief.........i dont know what to do for the best

Thanks in advance xxxxx

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Fraid I wouldn't know yet, I've only just been diagnosed but good luck!! Had my lap last week when they took out adhesions and am still in masses of pain grrrr, had felt so much better earlier in the week and now it's hurting a lot more, can't tell if its just the operation pain, hope so. Consultant told me to stop prostap so I'm on nothing now. xxx


Poor you know that feeling of surgery pain!

make sure you are resting properly and not overdoing things i learnt the hard way!!

It took me a good 6 weeks before i felt truly well after my op but i had chocolate cyst excised and drained as well.........i dont envy you being on nothing thats an aption i have how is it for you???



Hey, I'm still in pain but I defo think it's from the surgery not the endo thank goodness. Just going to carry on with my full dose of painkillers for the moment just to stay on top of it, and will start reducing again on Monday. Another girl I spoke to said it was a really bad idea not being on anything - I should speak to my consultant to at least start taking the Pill or something. I simply cannot face the thought of that pain coming back. It's turned my life upside down for the last 15 months. I need to get back to work and get on with life.


After I had my lap in November 2011 I was back with pain two days later, after the morphine run out, I was told it was just surgery pain but I knew it was not.

I am fed up with being told it is this and that, I am now waiting to have to see a specialist for adhesions as that is now what I have apparently I have no idea any more.

I hate this disease it is horrible and every one looks at you like you are going mad.

I hope you get some answers soon.

If you need to talk message me.


Thanks hun! I am praying pain doesn't come back! xxx


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