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chelsey 39

hi iv,e had endo since i had my last child 14 years ago the pain the bleeding every 2weeks the feeling of needing more sleep i went to see my new gp and he asked me if i wanted it all taken away i said yes but now i,m not so sure wot are the side affects of having it all removed because iv,e lost jobs in the past it has so taken over my life can any one help thanks xx

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Hi Chelsey

I am so sorry you are suffering so badly :(

I assume by having it all taken away you mean hysterectomy? If so, you need to consider it very carefully. In general, hysterectomy does not cure endometriosis. They can take away your womb and your ovaries, and all of the endometriosis they can see....but unless the endo is only affecting your womb and your ovaries, it will come back. You'll have gone through a major operation with all of the risks it involves and all of the recovery time, and although you might have some temporary respite, there is a huge chance that you'll soon be right back where you started.

That being said however, it's different for everybody and dependent on so many different things. For example, if the bleeding is a huge problem, that won't happen if you don't have a womb.

I think you need to speak to a gynae and discuss all of the options before you make any decisions. Your GP may mean well, but unless they are an endo specialist, they are not the best people to be making huge decisions like this

It sounds as if he's referred you already, so make a list of all of the questions you have about how a hysterectomy would affect you, and take them to the gynae.

Good luck, and lots of love

C xxx


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