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10days and counting

well I have my gynae appt on 13th September. Have waited since April for it.

Have somehow got to convince gynae to do another lap. Also convince him it is endo as he is arguing it isn't as zoladex not been working. Have printed off a load of stuff from mr trehan to take with me, as well as my mum!

Also not sure whether to mention about weeing problems as don't want him to say it's a urinary problem not endo. Not painful to wee just sometimes find myself sitting for several minutes waiting to go. Feeling apprehensive about it all, as have waited ages for appt but will probably be fobbed off again for another 6 months. Cant understand why he doubts it's endo when the last lap I had found endo.

Anyway keeping everything crossed for positive outcome so can finally feel I am getting somewhere...however, I shan't hold my breath...

Will keep you all posted. Xx

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dont be afraid to mention your urinary symptoms. its really important that they are able to formulate a clear picture of how your symptoms piece together to diagnose you. equally though dont be pushed around or told its a urinary problem if you dont believe it is. i saw a urologist for my symptoms before my diagnosis with endo, i and was even operated on (a completely pointless and painful procedure) for a urinary problem i never had (later diagnosed as endo). just be honest and stand up for yourself and you cant go wrong. also dont be 'fobbed off' as you say about it being endo again. it is very common for us girls to end up with 2 or 3 or move laps as its so microscopic its easy for them to miss even the smallest amount if they are not looking in the right place. again, for that reason dont be afraid to talk about your urinary symptoms as it might help them to locate undiscovered endo if there is any. this worked for me as second time round they found more endo and got rid of it. keep your pecker up:) hope your appointment goes well:)


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