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exercise after hysterectomy

Hi ladies. I had my hysterectomy 6 weeks ago and my implant removed on tuesday. I put on 3 stone with the implant which has made me miserable. It is my 30th birthday in october and I really want to lose some weight. When is it ok to exercise after a hysterectomy. I can't ask my gynaecologist as I was discharged from his care the day I left hospital with no follow ups. Thanks xx

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Hi sjdonkey,

I am a womens health physiotherapist, who treats ladies with hysterectomies. You are ok to start yoga and pilates from 6 weeks, also walking is a really good form of exercise, about 45 a day and increasing gradually and slowly. Swimming is ok from 6 weeks as long as your incision has healed. You need to avoid high impact exercise like zumba, running, tennis etc until 12 weeks. You also need to avoid lifting weights in the gym unitl 12 weeks. You are ok to try things like static bikes at 6 weeks.

I hope this helps. If you have any specific forms of exercise you want to do, please do not hesitate to ask.



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I am also 6 weeks post hysterectomy. I went to the doctors yesterday and I asked when I could start exercise, she said brisk walking is ok but advised me to stay away from my cross trainer and bike for a few more weeks. Unfortunately I made the mistake of standing for 1 hour last saturday and I was in agony that evening.

Good luck



Thank you ladies. I had my hysterectomy keyhole. So no huge incision. I have been on holiday and walked miles already with the dog. My doctor wasn't particularly helpful. He just said do what u want and if it hurts stop. 12 weeks post op is the day of my birthday. Thanks for the help

Sara xx


I would be interested to know Sara, just how long after hysterectomy (and was it a full one)

you were able to walk to dog? I have been offered Bilateral Salpingo Oopherectomy and avoided it through fear so far. Along with concerns of 'would it work' for endo and adhesions or make more scar tissue. Also it was said they would try laparoscopically first but may have to switch mid op to abdominal hysterectomy if endo and adhesions are dense and complicated. Sounds silly but the thought of being laid up in pain for 6 weeks or more worries me and I love walking the dog.


Hi, I was up and walking the dog within 2 weeks. I could have done it sooner but as my dog is a chihuahua I was worried about bending over to pick him up if another dog went for him. I felt completly normal after 3 weeks. I had subtotal hysterectomy. I still have my ovaries due to my young age. At the moment I feel 100% better than I did before op. Just waiting for bloating to go down. I have had no pain (apart from op pain)



I've just had full hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo, I have been recovering for two weeks now and still not able to take my dog out, I'm missing my walks but am hoping it will be worth it in the end.



I too had a hysterectomy 6 weeks ago....I had a total abdominal hysterectomy but I was told to start walking virtually straight away....walking twice a day and slowly building it up to 30minutes each time. Unfortunately the the week after my op I was admitted to hospital with a suspected blood clot and severe pnemonia...thank go no blood clot. Even though I am still in a lot of pain from the pneumonia I am able to go for a 20minute walk twice a day...weather permitting.

Also...you should have had a follow up appointment after your surgery...I would question this.

Think I have strated to get menopausal sysmptoms so have an appointment with my GP to discuss HRT.

Who would be a woman hey!

Take care and listen to your body....you know what your limitations are.

:-) x


Hi, thanfully mine was only subtotal. Due to my age (29) I had to keep my ovaries. I do feel 100% normal. I'm just gonna do stuff and see how it goes. I too was up and walking quite quickly. In fact the hospital wanted me out same day. But I refused lol.

As to the follow up - I thought it odd that I was discharged. Doc just told me to see GP

Hope u feel better soon and u can be helped at your next clinic appointment



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