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Holiday burden!!!

I have been on holiday all week I have had to sleep twice during the day whilst everyone else goes out :( then there's this horrible hip pain that's making me walk like an oap!

I planned on going swimming with my beautiful children today but can't as the uncontrollable bleeding, I am really struggling to look on the bright side and to keep smiling all I can say is that thank god I have such an amazing family and supportive husband x x x

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I'm sorry to hear your feeling so awful when you should be able to enjoy yourself! I hope you start to feel better soon and can enjoy the remainder of your holiday.

Sending tons of hugs!

Emily xx


Yes I have the same problem. My family are on the beach whilst I am laying in the hotel bedroom!! My husband and children are as supportive as they can be but get fed up with it and don't really understand all my pain.

Must confess I am quite down today.

Sorry you are in the same position - this is a horrible illness and my hope is that one day we will get it solved.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday.


I sympathise and share your experience of hip pain due to endo and adhesion (scar tissue).

I often spend weekends in bed too when everyone else is out and about its horrible and depressing.

I try to walk most days (with pain relief) and it definitely helps. The first few minutes I am stiff and walk awkwardly but once the endorphines kick in, I actually find the pain reduces. I notice at weekends I am less active and probably eat and drink more and its worse! The pain makes me feel sick and goes down right leg to knee. I think hip pain is often associated with nerve pain and scar tissue pulling on other pelvic organs ie the bowel and bladder which radiates to the back and hips

and often down one leg too. I find I have to take stool softeners plus sometimes a laxative to keep my bowels as empty as possible as being constipated as I often am because of Codeine based pain relief causes hip and pelvic pain to worsen. I take anti spasmodics like Merbervine and Colpermin too. Some say Amitryptyline can help relax the pain receptors and help you sleep but not everyone takes to them as they have anti depressant qualities too. Mine feels like something deep in my right hip is pulling and pinching, worse when i sit for too long. Mindfulness meditation does help me too, listening to a CD seems to soften the anxiety and ultimately the pain.


Hi all thank u for your kind words We go home tomorrow and today managed a good day :) I really wish there was a miracle cure for us all and next time I think we should all book a holiday together :) x


I can sympathise, I am only 29 years old and 4 years ago I was hobbling around like on OAP and felt like a sharp pen knife rolling around around my uterus and hip and lower back was acheing and burning, felt like alien inside my right ovary and was cramping up/spasming out. Standing at the sink washing up reduced me to to tears after only 5 mins as was so painful.

This was before I was diagnosed and got this pain it throughout the month and worse during periods. Docs kept saying 'ibs' and backache due to lumbar scoliosis, not endomertiosis! After numerous painkiller prescriptions, gp visits and a scan and was just given more painkillers and told was just bad period pains during my period and referred uterus nerve pain, or when pains during the month it was ovulation pain and backache - this was NOT referred nerve pain or backache as I could actually feel my ovary bubbling from the formation and haemorrhing of the endo cells, and as I suspected it was endo as a chocolate cyst formed 3 years later.

My ex was not supportive and did not understand my pain at all and thought was being hypochondriac, and sorry to be crude, but moaned to me why during sex when I was on top position I could not just 'sit on him' like other 'normal' women. Sex was painful and was very miserable without a proper diagnosis and had no support from my ex who kept insinuating to me to 'man up, take painkillers and get on with life' (hence one of a few other reasons why he is an 'ex' as was a bit of a condescending bully).

I now have an amazing fiance who is the most supportive man in the world and am currently 34 weeks pregnant with his baby and am just hoping endometriosis does not hinder me from enjoying time with him and my son in the future. But if it does, I know I am blessed to have such an amazing partner and that I was able to have conceived my own child naturally, and that I will be supported and he will try and make me feeling as comfortable as possible. I felt guilty a lot of the time in the past when I couldn't do something/leisure activities with my fiance because of endo pain but he understands at tells me not to feel guilty it's not my fault and kindly encourages me to not push myself beyond my limits as sometimes I pushed myself too much. I could be so stubborn I just wanted to keep going even when my body has had enough! A complex I think of feeling 'worthy and not pathetic' due to my ex's expectations and opinions. I just wish that my friends could have been as understanding and my fiance as have lost a lot due to having such a rubbish social life in the last 3 years. And my family used to be a little skeptical but I think that they understand this disease now as are also a lot more supportive than they used to be.

I now know who most important people in my life are as they are the ones that are supportive and stick by me though the tough times. It is through hard times that true friends and family members really shine :)



I am just back from holiday , i had on most days go back to the hotel in the afternoon to rest. bike hire was very popular where we went , but i knew it would be too painful for me. Hopefully next year it will be better!!!


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