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Can Endo return whilst being on the Prostap injection??

Cut a long story short I've been on the Prostap injection for nearly two years on and off more on than off, if I was too come off the injection I would be back in hospital every month. Even though I don't care for the side effects I'm experiencing as a result of going through the menopause due to me haveing the injections, I rather have the side effects than having no life at all. However the weight gain because of the menopause is one thing I will never get use to as I'm use to be a slim size 6/8 and I'm now 10/12 but I do look healthy now.

I was considering seeing if there was something other than Prostap that would help so I wouldnt have the side effects ( but I would PUT UP if there was nothing else that suited me) Anyway in the last 6 weeks I've noticed aching pain in my womb area and in my ovaries so I wondering if New endometrosis could start again? I did have an hysteroscopy a couple of years ago and my consultant said that most of th endo was dead from me starting on the prostap and there was just a little bit of fresh endo which she burnt away and drained my cyst on my left ovary and told me that I would probably be on the prostap long term as nothing has helped in the past. ( took 9 years to be diagnoised) So I'm just wondering if the endo can return whilst being on the Prostap because I have the same recurring achy pain in left ovary and my womb is tender to touch.

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They could counter with Hrt but that may bring the endo symptoms back all the hormone treatments are short term answers. And some people do get a recurrence on the treatments.

It's no fun this disease hope you get sorted


Hi Jubbly

Yes, it can start up again. I usually start noticing the familiar pains at the end of every 6 month course; it sounds as if your body has adjusted to being on the Prostap pretty much full time, and it's perhaps not working as well as it should anymore.

It might be worth taking a longer break from it than you usually do to get it out of your system completely so that when you start again your body reacts to it properly

But it's not much of a choice :(

I hope they manage to sort you out without you going through too much discomfort

C x


Thanks chrissie and pearla but I've tried coming off the Prostap and once it's out of my system I end up back in hospital on a drip cos I'm in that much pain I can't eat and drink for the 10 days leading up to my period but once I'm on my period I'm fine. I know it sounds stupid but I wish I could be on my period full time. I don't get heavy periods like the majority with endo, it's the time leading up to my period that I'm crawling the walls with pain. Maybe I shoulld start taking pill again to see if that helps?


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