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Operation in 2 months time!:(

i have had Endo for 3 years, been in a lot of pain, been on prosap and HRT in jections, for 2 years. im 27 years old and have grade 4! my local hospital sent me to Plymouth after 3 years as they dont want to do the complex operation on me as my ovary has a lot of endo on it and it stuck to the side of my womb! im scared to have the op as last time i had it i was in a lot of pain when i came round! i was ment to be in just for day surgery and i ended up in for a week! couldnt breath, eat, it was horrible. Had my first consultant appointment on wednesday he was great but still so nervous. i know i have to have it done but it doent make it any easier:( so worried as i also have a 3 year old son and think what happeneds if something horrible goes wrong!:(

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Hi hun. Its only natural for u to have these fears. Especially if you've had a bad experience. Just make sure you are well prepared. I had a bad experience too, being on hospital for 2 weeks instead of day surgery. When I had my hysterectomy 2 weeks ago I planned for every possibility. That way if its planned you won't need it.

The more stressed u are the more the anaesthetic causes u problems. Talk to a doctor or counsellor about your fears. They may be able to give u some practical solutions for keeping yourseelf calm

Good luck hun XX


Thank you for your kind words. im usually a calm controllled person but im a nervous reck inside about this operation because of the bad experience from last time. i dont like to make a fuss as its a 2 and half hour journey away from our home so husband and family probably wont visit as often as id like. The hospital have said they dont allow visitors before 3rd stage of recovery i would like my husband there tho! ill have to just ask i think. x


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