Scan today!

Scan today!

Hi all

I had an ultra sound today but she didnt see any cysts but i feel that she only looked at my womb, not my pelvis where the pain is majority of the time but im not a professional so who am i to say she didnt! Since there was no cysts, I feel like she thought I was making it all up. Shes told me to go see my GP but as there was no cysts its probably not endo! I am so confused. Can I request a Laproscopy or whatever its called? I just dont understand. She said my ovaries are fine so no need to worry on that front but im still confused.

Help!! Haha

Rach xx

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  • Hi

    I'm no doctor, but when I was sent for a scan my GP told me that Endo doesn't usually show up on a scan but having a scan is part of the process of being referred to a gynae. She told me in advance that she expected it to come back clear.

    So i would try not to worry too much that your scan was clear and its a good thing that it didnt also show up cysts etc. If you are having symptoms then I dont think this will prevent your GP from referring you to a gynae to look into it further for you - the scans are good but they are not that good, particularly where Endo is suspected! I had one gynae consultant that relied a bit too much on a scan result when he gave me his opinion at an initial consultation - he ended up being completely wrong!

    Regarding your query about a laparoscopy - this follows a referral from your GP to a gynae consultant, then when you see the gynae consultant they will decide whether or not to offer you a lap to look inside at what's actually going on. Next step for you is to go back to your GP who will discuss the report from the scan with you and your chance to then discuss your symptoms with the GP again, your GP will decide on the next step and whether that is a referral to gynae consultant. x

  • Hi Hayls

    Thank you! That has made me feel a little better. The woman just made me feel stupid since nothing was there. She was then pretty much moaning that my stomach was moving about too much cause of the water! well the letter clearly stated that i was to drink water until my bladder felt i done that. I just dont know, felt uncomfortable with her and the man that was there looked like he couldnt be bothered cause it was Friday! Im not impressed.

    My boyfriend said its a positive thing that no cysts were found, i know thats right but still no progression in this. It made me feel that I was making it all up.

    I hope my GP refers me to a gynae cause this is torture!! I just want to sleep all the time, cause of the dull pain that is there a lot of the time and when its really bad i just want to stay in bed but i know i cant so getting up is not fun and i have little appetite but yet im managing to put on weight! The pain in my thighs seems to be getting worse as well. I feel sick. The GP i am seeing isnt my regular GP as my regular GP is a man and i didnt feel comfortable talking to him about this so I think she atleast understands. I need to stop being so emotional over this as well.


    Rach xx

  • Sounds like you're suffering so fingers crossed for a referral, but be prepared to push the GP for it (just in case), maybe go armed with some notes of your symptoms, that may help to show how serious you are about this and the effect it's having on your life. Also it's completely normal to be emotional, I personally think a lot of it is from the anxiety and not knowing what's going on whilst you are going through the initial appointments etc, I found I would be fine one minute and either habing a mini panic attack or crying the next, but once I started to get some answers it got easier x

  • Hey,

    I am going to push for a referral! I mean she said that i could get referred when she was saying i was getting an ultra sound. I dunno. Im tired of this. xx

  • I have had gynae pain for 17 years before finally they relented and gave me a lap. I was starting to have trouble with cysts. Over the 9 months before lap I had monthly scans. Never showed Endo just the cysts. Finally lap day....then surprise surprise moderate/severe grading of Endo was found. I had to fight for lap. I suggest you do the same. Even if only to rule it out and give you piece of mind. All the best.

  • Hi -

    You should definitely ask your doctor for a referral. I've had a lot of scans over the years, and they're not really helpful in diagnosing endometriosis. What they can show is whether there's something else (eg. a cyst) that should be investigated.

    Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon.

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