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Had my scan today

If you haven't seen my other post I was talking about how my swab appointment low key traumatised me for another appointment : healthunlocked.com/endometr...

So today I had my scan, and find that ranting about things here is the best way to get things off my chest. I turned up five minutes before my appointment so I was pretty flustered, only to be told that my appointment for my ultrasound was tomorrow instead... (100% was told it would be today over the phone.) So that left me pretty upset but they managed to fit me in.

So I was called in by a male member of staff, and my mum had driven 2 hours to come to this appointment with me and booked today off work, only to be told "sit down please you're not allowed in." which I wasn't expecting. I ended up going in by myself even though my mum tried to persist to come in with me, with a female chaperone but I wasn't really bothered about her because she was still a stranger.

With a room full of 3 men and 1 woman I didn't know, I found the whole thing pretty intimidating with the dark lighting and all these people so I started crying and the man doing the ultrasound kept asking me if i was crying because he was male, and I said no I was crying because I'd never had anything like this done before and I wanted my mum, and I was scared for the internal ultrasound that I had been told would come after the external one.

But they didn't end up doing an internal one after all.

I have to wait a week for my results but I got a small peek at the image of my ultrasound and saw two dark circles next to each other so I'm not sure whether these are likely to be cysts or not.

Just so tired and frustrated that nothing I've done in this process has been very easy going, something always seems to go wrong.

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This really sounds rubbish again! I'm so cross for you! I don't understand why they needed so many people for an ultrasound.

Do you have a good relationship with your gp? If so, I would be tempted to go and talk to her about it. At least she may be able to give you more information on what you should be expecting.

If you feel you have grounds for complaint after today then you should be able to contact your hospital PALS service. You can usually email them.

Finally, what consultant are you under? Is that who will give you your follow up appointment to explain everything? Write down all your questions so they can't fob you off when you get in there!


My gp is a man of very little words, although he's been productive in getting things sorted for me he doesn't really discuss things with me in much detail.

I wish I could complain, but I don't know what experience I was supposed to receive. The people carrying it out were nice enough, it was just the shock of not having my mum there with me when I had read online that other people could take someone else in with them for reassurance.

Should I be under a consultant? I have no idea what happens from here, getting appointments with my GP takes around about a month so I'm not sure whos going to be discussing anything with me :(


Who is it that is giving you your results in a week?


I think its going to be sent to my GP but i'm not sure whether I need to book that appointment myself or not, when i tried to get just by blood test results last week they didn't even send them to me i had to go in and plead with them to print them off because I was going away for a week.


Sounds like you should get an appointment booked with gp. You can always ask for a double appointment if you think you'll need longer to talk to him about all this. You need some explanation!


I'm really sorry about your experiences. I'm having some investigation work done at the moment (follow up to my initial diagnosis in 2008) and it has all been through my consultant after I asked for a referral from my GP. It is this consultant that receives the results and reports back to me. I had an ultrasound on Monday and I went alone (not sure if I could have a chaperone), but firstly I had an appointment letter with the details of when, where, how to prepare etc. I was seen by a female doctor and nurse; I had my own screen to look at and the doctor talked me through what she could see. My consultant had actually told me to ask that she did this, but there was no need. I had an external ultrasound first and then internal to get more detail. My results will be passed onto my consultant, who has given me his card and has told me to give him a call if I am concerned. I think the service I have received has been excellent and yours certainly has not been and you really should complain, although I know how hard it is to find the energy to do that.

It's really difficult to tell from an ultrasound what you are seeing as it's black and white and they move the probe thing around quite quickly, but the two dark shapes you saw could just have been your ovaries, although obviously I have no idea. I wish you all the very best. Xxx


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