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Endo and lack of sex drive, is this common?

I have been diagnosed with Endo after 3 years of Dr's appointments and trying every treatment under the sun. I am now on the list for a hysterectomy sometime this year, at the age of 37. I have 3 kids, so I am lucky. But my husband and I are having a hard time dealing with the symptoms of Endo, mostly in the sexual department. He can handle the mood swings, me being tired, my anger, depression, and is understanding when I am in pain because he can see how it affects me. But he is really struggling with the fact that I do not want to have sex. It wouldn't be so hard for him if I felt like anything sexual, but I don't even want to be touched. When we do have sex, it's not painful, so I don't fear that. I just am not interested at all. I am just as frustrated as he is, I know how it has affected our relationship and it's not getting any easier. Am I normal? Is this something that others struggle with as well?

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Hi sorry to hear you are having problems, i know what you are going through as i also have the same issues at the moment, i have been diagnosed with endo and have had a couple of ops, i have no sex drive at all !! my relationship with my husband is really suffering as i don't even want a hug or any form of contact, im not sure why this is ? it does not hurt if i have sex i just don't want to, and i do love my husband, it puts a huge strain on our relationship, i don't feel very sexy ! maybe being in pain and suffering with mood swings and being so tiered mentally and physically is a part of the reason, i haven't spoken to my consultant about this, i feel like it is all my fault and feel guilty so i just keep ignoring it, maybe we should both seek some professional advice as it may be a hormonal thing, but i do know what you are going through so you are not alone, its horrible not being able to be close to the person you love dearly and to push them away, i hope you find some answers for this, and i will certainly try and get some help as-well, its not something i can ignore for much longer, try not to be to hard on yourself, with 3 children to look after and trying to battle with the endo its tough ! hope you find your way through this xx

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Hi. I know this is a very old post, but I'm wondering if you ever had any luck with your sex drive? I'm having a similar problem, but I'm only 22. Its ruining my relationship. Wondering if it's all hormonal or not. Really struggling!



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