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Hi Ladies,

Has anyone been to the Royal London Hospital for treatment of endometriosis?

I saw they are a potential endo centre and was actually very surprised, it would really help if I could chat with someone else who has had surgery there to learn of their experiences.

I do not have much expectations of any service provider when it comes to treatment of endo, but I wish I could be more positive!

Hopefully x

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I recently had my surgery at Royal London earlier on this year. I think there one of the best when it comes to dealing with h surgery and not just for endo. The surgeons are very experienced and efficient. I also had another family member that had her op done there who also had a very good experience. Hope that helps.


Hi Tanya88,

Thanks for the reply, which surgeon did you hav?



It's nice to hear you had a good experience.unfortunately I had a very bad experience when I had my endo surgery 1.5years ago.


Hi Sultana,

Please can you tell me more even by private message? I want as much info as I can get to hopefully make a better choice and the right decision.


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