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What causes pain from sexual activity?

I have only recently been diagnosed with Endometriosis and am still trying to understand it all. I am all too aware that it can cause painful sex, however why is this? I'm asking because I experimented at the weekend and did not have penetrative sex but got very aroused, and I am really suffering today, bad pelvic and lower back pain, plus a shooting pain through my vagina. Does this happen to anyone else, have you found a way to ease it. The only pain relief I find effective is Co-Dydramol, but can't cope with the increased pain of the constipation it leaves me with. Not due to see my gynaecologist for 6 months. Have just started back on the combined pill to see if it helps with symptom management

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i very rarely have sex these days, probably about 3 times in the last 11 months, as i end up just like you, days and days after suffering mega pain, and yes even if not full sex - the pain is just like you have said, not to put too much detail into it, but even just being legs open can cause pains, and for a while after - i feel so guilty, and i always say sorry to my hubby, not that he bats an eyelid, but its certainly not because i don't want to, when on a good day i really do want to, i think now though i'm just scared to even try again xxx


One reason is that the most common area affected by endo is the cul-de-sac, which is located just on the other side of the vagina. The vagina is only about a quarter of an inch thick so during sex the penis can hit the area affected by endo causing painful sex. Pain can also occur due to adhesions binding pelvic organs together. Because these affected organs cannot move freely they pull and stretch against each other with the movement of sex, causing pain. Also endo is an inflammatory disease and can irritate pelvic organs. When you orgasm your pelvic muscles and uterus contract and spasm quickly which can trigger pain that lasts for hours or even days. This might explain your pain with arousal. The shooting pain in your vagina sounds to me like endo may be affecting the connecting pelvic nerves. What doesn't help is that because of the pain you're experiencing you will come to "expect" it every time you have sex. This means that you will be more tense expecting the pain, which in turn makes the pain worse, but it's a natural reaction and there's not much you can do about it except try to relax which is easier said than done. The pill never helped me with the symptoms of painful sex. I have found that surgery is the only thing that eases it. It might be worth giving your gyn a call to see if you can have your appointment moved up. Hope this helps! x


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