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Missed last day of sixth form :(

I am feeling very down today - am not a happy bunny at all!

Today was the last day of school ever, and I missed it :/ because I was

in too much pain to move out of bed this morning.

I had sharp pains which prevented me from even sitting up properly.

Every time I tried the pain was so unbearable that when I tried to move I was struck by an awful sharp pain bringing me to tears every-time I tried.

But that's pretty usual for me.

I had missed most of this week, and the last, and a lot the week before that! So I have missed out on my very last days of school which I am gutted about. I am probably never going to see half of these people again, and we're all going off in different directions, so I won't even see my close friends often.

& I don't want to be remembered as 'the girl who was sick all the time', or 'the skiver' - for those who don't understand my situation.

Most of them probably won't remember me at all, because I've missed so much this year.

Everyone will be out celebrating tonight, and I will be stuck in bed with a hot water bottle, wishing I could go out, but can't.

So I am feeling pretty miserable & sorry for myself today, unfortunately.

I'm sick of missing out on life!

Majorly hating this disease.

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I'm so sorry to hear this.

If it's any consolation at all, many years later I really can't remember my last day at school. Not a second of it. So although this seems really painful and important right now, one day you may feel different.

In the meantime though, I'm sorry you missed the chance to go out. And like you, I majorly hate this disease.


Im sorry to hear that your feeling so sad! it is horrible to have this disease and how it changes our life! im sure your friends realise that your not skiving your are really unwell and cant go out with them and have a good laugh! must be very hard for you. what are the consultants doing for you? x keep smiling hun.x


It can be really hard to deal with this condition. Please get something really good organised with those special friends you'd really like to see soon when you're a bit more up for it. It's true you wouldn't have remembered the last day anyway I don't. Create other memories where you can. I've missed out on lots of good stuff too but I've always tried to make up for it in other ways. Take care and hope you feel a bit better today xxx


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