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Any ones thoughts on telling my new employer about endo???

Hi i'm starting my new job tomorrow and i have to take my health screening form in, i just didn't know whether to put that i have endo down on it. As i'm getting referred back to the hospital. It's took me ages to get back into work and to get referred back to the hospital aswell and i'm only on a 3 month trial i just don't want to ruin my chances with being kept on longer. Or am i just being silly and worrying about nothing. x

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To be honest, you should be totally upfront about it. If your honest, then your covering yourself. If you lie and they find out at a later date, then they will have grounds to fire you unfortunately. They can't fire you for having a medical condition so don't worry! I started a new job a year ago, and had to do a health screening form so I told the truth and they were cool about it. If they want more info, take information in with you so they know whats what. Good luck with your job, its great to have something good to focus on xx


i don't know if they have grounds for firing you for not informing them of an illness if it is unlikely to affect work but I do agree that is is best to be up front about it from the start. EndoUK do a good load of printouts for employers so talk to your boss and give him/her these as well as being specific about how YOU are affected by the condition. Good Luck xx


Good luck in the new job!

I agree that it's best to be honest. I'm a boss, and I've had people disclose various conditions once they start work and it hasn't been a problem - it just helps us do whatever we need to do to help people manage their situation. It's really helpful if you can manage your employer's expectations.

Also, I put all my new employees on a 3-month trial, and what really matters to me during that time isn't their health-status. It's whether they can do the job. So my advice would be: be honest, and then do your best in the job. Hope everything goes very well indeed for you.


Thank you for your replies, i just wasn't sure if i tripped myself up in the interview as they asked me whether i was fit and healthy and in a nervous panic i said "yes i never get ill".... Just don't want to look like i a liar now, i've got my health screening form to hand in and i'm nervous whether they will think i'm a liar. Have i just messed up?


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