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If I give you the symptoms, can you tell me what to ask my doctor?

Missed/late periods, sometimes normal/sometimes heavy, sometimes 3 days/ sometimes 10 days, bleeding a few days after period has finished, bloating, urgent urination and heaviness before period, constant lower back pain, pain around kdney area, restless leg keeping me awake at night before period, pain in thighs, stabbing pains in ovary area, bowel pain making me pant until it subsides, constipation and sometimes diarohea.

Bloating and back pain so bad, I even have trouble wiping my bottom and bending over.

Oh, and did I mention the tiredness? Husband calls me Rip Van Winkle!

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print this out and take it to the doctor, these symptoms should be enough to go from. If the doctor is dismissive you can push for an appointment with a gynecologist or keep a symptom diary for a month and come back with that so he/she can see how much/often etc these symptoms effect your life.


also you can print off the nhs choices page on endometriosis to show the doctor (my doctor had no idea endometriosis runs in families for example).


Saw a locum doctor today and she sent me for a load of blood tests. I have to call in a week to see if they are back and go for the results. But, I am glad to say, the doctor was positive and helpful, which made me feel a lot better.


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