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Prostap - why do they use it as treatment and whats the next step when it doesn't work?

Hi Ladies,

I have recently been started on the Prostap injections - I am due my second one next week. I have found no relief, in fact it has become worse over the past 3weeks however appreciate that it usually kicks in after the second injection. What i dont understand is its point, and why the consultant has offered it to me and many other women when it only seems to make matters worse or at best have no affect other than the side effects.

To keep it short - I had a Lap last may which diagnosed stage 4 Endo, my right tube was stuck to my bladder, left stuck to my bowel and both tubes had become stuck to the inside of my pelvic wall. In October they removed the endo and adhesions as best they could, realigned everything to where it should be leaving me thinking i would become a "normal" female, pain free and have a normal cycle aided with the pill and implant. I couldnt have been more wrong. The monthly pains i was experiencing have become a daily occurance, and i've just had enough to say the least, part of me thinks why did i have the 2 laps if im now like this. I returned to my consultant - who after my description told me i had IBS and requested i did a 3 month diet diary. I was fuming and felt let down. Thankfully i went back and he took me more seriously, apologising for the previous appointment and offering me the Prostap injections. I said id give anything a go, even if they said stand on your head for a month i would give it a go. I am to have 4 injections and im due back to my consultant in August.

What i dont understand is why they have given it to me when he even said it might help but it probably wont due to how advanced i am. I appreciate they dont want to do further surgery but it is the next option if this fails.

Can anyone help with their experiences and what they have been advised and offered after Prostap. I would just like to see a light at the end of the tunnel so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated :-) Thanks!

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hi digger i am on prostap injection i have had them for 7 months now but they have not worked my consultant said that they have other medications they what to try some kind of pills i asked them if i could just take painkillers but they said they want to try treat the endo with some kind of medication i too felt really pxxed off when i realized the op did not stop the pain i get pain almost everyday i have problems with my bladder and bowels as like you my right overry was stuck to my bowel and my left tube was badly damaged and my uterus was very badly damaged i just thought i would let you know that you are not alone it sometimes seem like we are getting no where


Hey Bandit - Thank you for replying :-)

May i ask why they have kept you on it for so long if it isnt having the desired effect? I was told i would be on it for 6 months max due to the potential long term effects. Have they mentioned how the medication can treat the endo? I have problems with my bowel and bladder also, i cant seem to hold my bladder which has been since surgery last year, if i do it makes the abdominal pain increase. Besides the discomfort and continual daily pains/ache it is annoying as to how much it affects ones life. I got through work somehow today and managed to drive home, i have had to cancel on my friends tonight and my poor dog hasnt been walked as everytime i try to stand upright it feels like something is tearing inside. the girls i work with call me hop-a-long because of the way i adapt my walk. i live on my own and cant afford to have a day off sick with it but its getting so extreme that i may have to give in to it one day which adds to the worry. I thought the injections would help and im remaining positive but days like today makes me wonder why us sufferers should have to put up with it purely because drs try and fob you off

Thanks again for coming back to me, it is comforting to know there are others out there that can relate and understand where i am coming from


they said i might aswell finish the course of prostap they say it works by putting you in to menopause so you do not have periods so the endo cannot grow but it is not true as when i went back and told them about pain they said the endo can grow back while of prostap it just slows it down not they want to try some pill with some type of hormone in it and yes digger that is the same with my bladder if i hold my wee in i am also in so much pain and i become faint i understand all the pain you are going through as i have all these pains too i have some kind of pain everyday people do not understand what pain we are in as they do not go through it as we do i am unable to work i used to be a full time carer for my disabled mum and i am unable to look after her i have had to have someone else do that i thought things would be better after op but no they are not


No wonder none of us women ever know where we stand when the facts aren't straight in the first instance. In a way i am glad that there are people that can relate to our experiences, although I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy. The pain we experience every day to others is quite incomprehendable and most must think we make it up. Mine is a dull ache morning noon and night but a variety of pains join in throughout the day from shooting pains to stabbing to almost like someone is ringing out my insides like a wet dish cloth. I am sorry to hear you have had to give up caring for your Mam, its awful that Endo can in certain circumstances completely alter your life. Like you I thought that after my 2nd lap i would be fine and a normal female but it was just an illusion that the consultants tried to paint as it appears they did for you


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